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Hunting Land Listings For Sale!

By Ultimate Land Listings

There is no doubt about it: hunting land listings across America have become more and more IN DEMAND! Especially deer hunting land! This is something that started gradually over the last 15 years or so. However, the last six or seven years has seen a huge increase in demand for hunting land listings, and in particular, deer hunting land listings!


Iowa whitetail buck. Hunting land listing.

The big question: WHY?

That is a good question that I don’t think anyone has the precise answer to and I think there are multiple factors. With today’s generally hectic lifestyle for some many folks, finding a place in the country to hunt or to just get away from the fast pace of our mostly urban America lifestyle seems like a breath of fresh air.

And with so many new deer hunting T.V. shows popping up these days, more and more folks are waking up to the fact that deer hunting is not just for the few blue-collar type guys who grew up with it. Deer hunting is fun for all. And deer hunting is such a great way to lose track of time – and to lose some of that stress involved with so many day to day activities these days.

Also, the financial crisis in 2007, to basically the present day, is playing a part too, I believe: people may feel more assured of waking up and owning a piece of deer hunting land than a stock certificate – the value of which changes like the wind. And of course, it is hard to physically get much benefit out of a stock certificate. With a hunting land investment, one can enjoy using it.

And land – as the old saying goes – they just aren’t making any more of it!

Whatever the reasons are, the result is that we have more and more demand for hunting land listings across America than perhaps ever before!

white oak timber in Iowa -- deer hunting land listing

However, this is not to say that there are more hunting land listings for sale right now than there has been in the past. Overall, at least in the Midwest where I live, the number of hunting land listings for sale, across the board, is down from what it was just a couple of years ago. However, this changes month to month and there is still a good supply.

And interest rates are still really low, so it’s definitely a great time to be shopping for hunting land.

I think the demand of hunting land listings is here to stay and isn’t just a short term thing. Folks love having their own little slice of “deer heaven” that they can retreat to when desired.

More and more folks are realizing, too, that not only does owning a piece of deer hunting land help satisfy the soul but it can also be a great investment! Perhaps the best investment you’ve ever made!


timber management - hunting land listing



Many hunting land listings feature timber as a major component of the property. This can be a valuable asset if wisely managed. And there can be current income on hunting land in the form of leasing crop or pasture land out to a farmer. Also, hunting land can be leased to hunters (if, maybe, you don’t hunt yourself).

There are lots and lots of reason why hunting land listings are in huge demand today. If you are in the market for hunting land be sure to browse what we have. If you have a hunting land listing that you would like to market, you can do so here for FREE! We think that is a pretty good deal and we hope you do too!