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Hello and welcome! I’m Rich Waite and I am the founder of Ultimate Land Listings.

I live in southern Iowa with my beautiful wife Paula and my fantastic son Allen (and lets not forget Jetta! No not our car, but our black lab!:)

I’ve been in the real estate business – either as an entrepreneur or licensed real estate agent/broker – since 1999. During that time a lot has changed and a lot has stayed the same! I love the business and the challenges it provides on a daily basis.

I’ve created this website to provide you with an easy means of finding the property you desire – wherever it may be in the United States. I’ve also created this site as an easy means for your to sell your property!

You’ll notice a variety of pages on this site. The “Resources” page is where we will add helpful information, over time. Information such as E-books, articles on various real estate topics, useful links, etc. The “Blog” page is, of course, where you will find updated information from the around the world of real estate and my thoughts as well. You’ll find articles here, too. Both of these pages are just getting started – just getting off the ground really– so be sure to hang in there – they will become more and more developed with each passing week!

aboutAs for more about myself: I love hunting and fishing and have written somewhere around 100 articles covering these topics for various regional and national magazines and books. To be honest, though, for the past decade I have been so involved in real estate “field work” – showings, listings, photographing, marketing, etc., that I have had little time to write!

As a real estate entrepreneur –I’ve run my own successful wildlife land management business and have worked on thousands of acres of land across the state of Iowa and into northern Missouri for lots of different land owners. I’ve have training wildlife and forestry management; and, my land management company has created native wildlife habitat where it had either been previously abused and/or destroyed. I’ve also done thousands of acres of forest land habitat management to enhance acorn production and target tree growth.

As a real estate entrepreneur, I am also an investor. I enjoy the buying and selling process and the tax advantages that real estate provides. As a wildlife nut – I’ve always enjoyed investing in land – whether it be recreational timber/investment ground or, perhaps, farmland, that I can manage; I enjoy taking run-down farms and making them teem with wildlife by creating top wildlife habitat on them. But I also buy rental homes in town and rent them out (for diversification). Talk about a change up!  You may have not seen that one coming…..:)

I’ve worked as a licensed real estate agent and or broker for several years and specialize in recreational and farm land sales. My business Iowa Wildlife Habitat Services – — actually was the first “wildlife property sales specialization company” in Iowa, to my knowledge. We started doing that in 1999. Now, there are lots of companies claiming to focus on the sales of wildlife- orientated parcels. That’s a great thing as it helps put a spotlight on the importance of wildlife habitat. It’s a dwindling resource nationwide and that is not a good thing!

I’ve also developed a love to cook – to get all chefy’ in the kitchen is fun! What started that – you ask? I really don’t know. Probably just watching the Food Network a few times when nothing else seemed to be on. And, probably also by eating at one of those “fancy pants” restaurants one time – man was that food good! The BEST corn I’ve ever had! (How can a simple side-dish of corn taste so good And, hey, it was in Las Vegas and I live in the “corn” state of Iowa. What did they now about cooking corn that was so much better than anything corn-wise I’d ever tasted)?  I didn’t know.  So… I had to find out!  So I started to cook.

I love the challenge of trying to really smash-out crazy good food that people just love. I love watching their reaction and making people happy. I love the challenge. I also just love to eat. Hey – maybe that is what really motivates me to cook! I will probably post some recipes on the blog from time to time just for fun – mostly wild game type foods, lots of venison! Be ready!

BUT back to the focus here and that is my main goal with this site – to provide you with TONS of resources to help you buy and sell your land easier and faster than ever before AND to provide you with lots of helpful real estate information in the process – to make you a more informed investor and land owner/manager!

Please – let me know what you think!


Rich Waite