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3 Acres [FOR SALE] in Stewart County, Tennessee







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This 3-acre parcel in Stewart County is located just a footwalk away from the Kentucky Lake. It is only a 2h drive to Nashville.
A great opportunity to escape at the weekends and enjoy life for as little as $14,900. Also a great deal for investors!

Property Description:

If you have been looking for a piece of land that is located in an attractive lake area, then look no further! Welcome to Stewart County, in scenic Tennessee! This 3-acre property for sale is located in Stewart, TN (West of the town) which has amenities like shopping, food, bars, banks and lodging. If you are looking for a nice lot to settle at the beautiful Kentucky Lake and in a scenic area that is not far from town then check out this property today and make us an offer!

What’s Happening in Stewart County, Tennessee?

Stewart County is Southern, like sweet tea, catfish, hushpuppies, balmy summers, generations of families who love the farm like they love each other, gracious hospitality, a church on every corner, smoky barbeque and a healthy reverence for your elders and your history.
Wander around Dover or Cumberland City and people you have never met will wave at you. Directions out to Bumpus Mills or Standing Rock will include a story about who used to live there.

Local Hot Spots

Towns and Cities In the Area of Stewart County include:

Property Details

Similar properties in the area are listed or have been recently sold for around $28,000.
Buy this property today for just $14,900! (You save $13,100)
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