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Frequently Asked Questions:


Free — really?  What is the catch?

Yes…it’s all FREE and there is no catch!  The use of the whole website is currently free, including unlimited listing uploads, free account and account managing, newsletter, blog and resource page — PLUS, your listings automatically go on up to 37 other real estate websites around the world, exposing your property to millions of potential buyers!

 Just create a free account with us and start listing!  (and don’t worry, we don’t share your account details with anyone; we have secure servers and your information is locked down with us!  We take your privacy VERY SERIOUSLY!)

Must I be a real estate professional or agent to list my properties on

NO!  You can be but anyone can list their land on our site.

Must I list photos with the ad?

No.  We certainly would encourage it because people shop with their eyes!  However, there is no requirement.  And, remember, too, if you don’t happen to have photos of the property at the time you list you can always log into your account and add some later.

Can I make changes to my account once my ad(s) is/are posted?


What kind of land/property/real estate may I advertise on your site?

We have categories for Acreages/Agricultural (farm/ranch)/Recreational/Hunting Land/Auctions/Hunting Leases.  If you have a question on which category may be best to list your parcel, just shoot us an email and we’ll help you!

We have a website we created to help sell our listing on our own — can we advertise — provide a link to that on your site?

Yes!  When you create an account, you’ll be able to add in your website link for others to see!


Please — don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions that may not be on this list!

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