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SOLD! Davis Co. Iowa 20 Acres — All timber!







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Property Details

This one is SOLD!

Awesome 20 Acres of Iowa timber land for sale!  It isn’t easy finding these smaller hunting parcels at prices that are reasonable!


Here is an estimate of your costs to own such a property given the asking price:

$59,000 purchase price

$11,800:  20% down payment amount  (could be more or less)

$47,200: equals amount financed  (could be more or less)

4.3%: equals what may or may not be the interest payment on your loan

20 years: equals time financed (could be more or less)

Monthly finance payment equals $293.54!  That is less than the cost of a used pickup truck!

It is not untypical that oak stands appreciate in value approximately 10% per year as they grow in size (on paper — to realize the dollars one would have to do a timber sale at some point).  Such an increase is nearly 6% the amount of the loan in this estimate.  This means the property could actually return you nearly 6% per year!  Not a King’s ransom but I’m sure one could manage!

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(Note: terms and discussion of terms above is meant for possible representation only.  These terms may or may not be what one may actually get or achieve with this property)